All tasks and processes at a glance

At last you can spend less time on manual searches of your ERP system: DYCE Cockpit tells you everything you need to know. This lets you respond faster and saves time in daily business. You can use the tiles to display any information and filter it as you wish, improving your overview of relevant data.

Faster response and time savings

With our DYCE app, you can see your open to-dos and the processes assigned to you. This ensures that tasks and procedures are not overlooked and can be completed on time. In addition, you can set thresholds for color displays indicating that action is required. 


Easy access to changing data sets meeting the same criteria

Number of records updated automatically

Dynamic date filters updated automatically every day

Monitoring of records based on thresholds

Convenient and time-saving display of records

Defaults for new filters

Option allowing you to copy filters for yourself or other users

Use Case

All sales quotes available immediately

As part of the sales process, a sales quote is created when a certain status is reached, employees are assigned during the process, employees want to see the quotes for which they are responsible.

Use Case

Delivered orders coordinated with invoices

One of the tasks of the internal sales department is to create invoices for delivered orders. Employees need to be able to see that ordered items have been delivered and are encouraged not to leave too many orders uninvoiced.

Use Case

Faster reactions and less errors

The sales team monitors the validity of quotes in order to follow up on old quotes that customers never responded to. The sales team has created a tile for this purpose. The tile shows all quotes exceeding the specified validity within a week. This way, the team avoids overlooking a quote and losing a potential deal.

What customers are saying about DYCE Cockpit

Maximum variability when creating data sources

"DYCE Cockpit provides my customers and myself with maximum variability when creating data sources. Whether Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 standard or extended data/tables can be filtered as desired and arranged in tiles. More flexibility WITHOUT development is not possible!"


Helge Anckerholdt

CEO HAN Consulting



DYCE Cockpit is free of charge.

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