Smart, useful features

The DYCE Essentials app consists of several small features that support and extend the functionalities of the DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing and DYCE Job Billing app. It is not designed as a standalone app but is required by the other apps and is automatically installed with them.

Easy formatting and structuring

You can use this app to add product bundles and set formatting for each line in sales documents. In addition, you can structure sales documents by automatically assigning item numbers. These functionalities are also supported in printed DYCE reports.


Creation of bundles on-the-fly

Formatting of sales lines

DYCE reports with support of other DYCE apps (print documents)

Position numbers in sales documents

Evaluation by automatic dimension for each customer

Use Case

Create bundles and combine items and services

With DYCE Essentials, you can create bundles in quotes and orders. You can combine items or services into a bundle when you create a document in sales lines. then you can decide whether to make individual items and prices visible in the quote or display only the bundle itself.the quote, or whether only the bundle itself should be visible as an item in the quote.

Use Case

Easy formatting of sales documents

The DYCE Essential app provides a number of options for formatting sales documents. You can insert item number for clarity. In addition, you can format sales lines and put them in bold and/or italics.

Use Case

Generating print previews for sales documents

You can create an invoice preview and use it to check appearance and formatting before you create the actual invoice. You can create print previews of non-posted sales documents that are exactly the same as the actual documents but without invoice number.

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