Project billing and management made easy

Sell services just like any other item. The connection between sales orders and projects enables you to create job tasks and distribute the budget between these tasks out of the sales order. Any time recording made for one of these tasks can be approved by using an easy workflow. This step grants the opportunity to check whether everything that should be invoiced will be invoiced. 

Estimate and control your project success

The integration of sales and invoicing services as well as the convenient approval workflow generates substantial efficiency gains in selling and billing services. Invoicing services becomes faster and less error-prone. Furthermore, the connection between sales orders and projects simplifies controlling.


Features & benefits

Convenient overview of all projects and tasks

Various types for invoicing services (time and material, budget, fixed price)

Connects sales orders and projects

Create and budget job tasks in sales orders

Purchase job-related external services and resources

Approval workflow of time recordings

Cancellation of time recordings

Automatic rounding of time recordings

Batch posting of time recordings

Once time recordings are posted, services can be invoiced

Automatically attach service details to invoices


For the purpose of testing, we offer an unrestricted and free of charge trial for a period of 30 days.

All prices are recommended net customer prices in EUR without applicable local VAT. The notice period is 1 month.

1. Base Fee           €39,00 / Tenant
2. User fee      €9,00 / User
3. API fee     €0,01 / h


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