DYCE Prepaid Services extends invoicing of services via DYCE Job Billing

Extend your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with our DYCE app. This software enhances the functionality of DYCE Job Billing by allowing you to manage and sell services in advance. Flexible and therefore user-friendly, DYCE Prepaid Services allows you to pre-sell budgets that can later be used to bill for any services (or goods).


Sell and manage services in advance

Through DYCE Prepaid Services, you can sell a budget in advance, which can then be increased if needed and consumed in various ways. It is easy to manage and independently logs additions and withdrawals. It can also include a validity after which the remaining balance expires. An existing credit balance can be consumed via sales transactions or other services. During billing, your customer will receive a zero invoice as long as there is still budget available. Only when this is exhausted, the difference will be charged. This is how DYCE Prepaid Services makes it easier for you to bill for services.


Management of master data

Create prepaid services per customer or use them as an article, define the validity of prepaid services


Offer and recharge prepaid services, one-time sale via sales orders, recurring sales via Customer Contracts

Billing and consumption

Charge sales lines or job tasks against prepaid services, invoicing only after budget has been consumed


Create accruals also manually, automatic deferrals of revenues, automatic expiration of budget when validity is exceeded

Overview of prepaid services

Report to output the details of additions and disposals, filter on time period



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The notice period for canceling your subscription is 1 month. 


Monthly fee: 

Base fee                                                              €59.00
Pro Full User                                           €9.00

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