Where did the time go?

Approximately 20% of billable hours are lost because project time recordings are created late, inaccurate or not at all. Complexity and lack of usability make it tedious and time-consuming to enter and track time recordings in Microsoft 365 Business Central. In the worst case, time recordings are wrong, requiring editing by the project manager, or are never invoiced. This directly impacts your bottom line and the profitability of your projects.

At last: time recording is almost fun

Save work for yourself and your co-workers. With DYCE Time Tracking you can expect a clean and user-friendly interface, and - in combination with DYCE Job Billing - a powerful tool for billing project time recordings. The app can be integrated in Azure DevOps, Jira Software, and Jira Service Management. More billable time recordings will be reported on time. At the end of the month, the project manager is happy, the accounting department is satisfied, and earnings are high.

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Use Case

Time tracking: easy and accurate

Time recordings are essential, especially for professional services companies. With DYCE Time Tracking, tracking your time is actually fun. The intuitive user interface, features such as fast entry and especially the use of templates all make it possible to enter hours into the system quickly and easily.

Use Case

Time saver: templates

Create a template for recurrent time recordings. Imagine you work on the same project task and activity for the same customer. With DYCE Time Tracking you can create a template that includes these parameters with access whenever you track your time. This is much more efficient and avoids errors when entering time recordings.

Use Case

Details count: incomplete time recordings

Time recordings can’t be posted or invoiced if an important value is missing. To assure smooth processing, the Time Tracking app displays all time recordings that have missing values. The templates feature makes it easy to add the necessary parameters to your time recordings.

For greater clarity: Overview of time recordings

The overview shows a comparison of target and actual working hours. Missing time recordings appear on the Time Tracking dashboard. This lets you see any outstanding time recordings at a glance so that you can add them later.

Integrated in Jira & DevOps

DYCE time tracking can be integrated into Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Azure DevOps. No switching of tools. Whenever you are working in project management or as a support agent, you can track your time directly from where you are working.



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Monthly fee: 

Base fee for user environment (also for using DYCE Time Tracking API):                             €59,00 
Price per Time Tracking user:                                                     €7,50

All prices are recommended net customer prices in EUR without applicable local VAT. 

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