Simplify complex sales quotes!

With DYCE Easy Bundle Seller you can easily combine several products and services. You decide whether you want to predefine this set in the article master or create it flexibly. Bundling can be used to communicate complex offer structures to the customer in a simplified way. It is possible to select which information the customer should receive and which is only for internal processing of the bundle.

Subtotals and formatting 

DYCE Easy Bundle Seller gives you two very useful features: You can not only easily compile your product bundle, but also 1. create subtotals for it. And 2. use individually defined formatting to highlight individual elements. All these functions are of course also supported when printing the customer document.  


Benefits & features

  Clear structuring of sales documents

You decide what you want to print on the customer document: only the sales bundle or an individual listing of all components. Throughout the process, the bundle is treated as an independent product.

Simple pricing of a bundle

Simply combine several components into a new stand-alone product. The price of the bundle is based on the prices of the individual components. If these change, the bundle price is automatically adjusted. Discounts are distributed evenly across all components.

Using subtotals

With DYCE Easy Bundle Seller, you have the option of displaying subtotals for individual parts or for product categories within the customer document. This option increases readability and clarity enormously.

Formatting for highlighting and hiding 

Do you want to hide the fact that the bundle consists of different product categories (e.g. hardware and software)? Then use the formatting option to control the visibility of the individual parts.



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The notice period for canceling your subscription is 1 month.


Monthly fee: 

1. Base fee         € 0.00 
2. User fee      € 2.50 / User

Special deal: Up to five users are free of charge. From the sixth user onwards, we will charge for all users.


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