Define and automate processes 

With DYCE Smart Workflow Tool, you can immediately recognise the current processing status of all documents and processes. You have the option of defining individual processes for documents of the same type. So what should happen to the document when status XYZ has been set? 
Define the next status yourself! Setting a particular status can also trigger an automated action such as the release of the document or similar. In addition, documents can be forwarded to another department, for example, by setting a specific status. With the integration with Power Automate you can use business events to trigger flows. 


Filter by status or workflow

Take advantage of the ability to filter and group documents and processes by document status or workflow in DYCE Cockpit. For example, by using the free DYCE Cockpit app, the tasks resulting from a specific status can be displayed in the Role Center of the relevant person.  

You can also track the history of the statuses set in each document, including the user and date. This, together with the new filter and grouping options, makes it much easier to maintain an overview and shortens processing times enormously. 


Define workflows yourself

Specify which processes documents should go through.

Cluster by status

With the new filter function, you can cluster documents by workflow and status and keep track of them at all times.

Interaction with DYCE Cockpit

Display documents with a relevant status in your role center.

Status actions

Define what should happen to a document after a status has been set.



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