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Work smarter, not harder

Extend your Dynamics 365 Business Central with the DYCE Subscription and Recurring Billing app. The app enables the selling of recurring services and provides accurate billing for a wide range of pricing models. 

Minimize manual effort

Leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to offer, ship and invoice recurring services. Our cloud app DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing replaces individual tools and manual processes.

Scale and boost your recurring business

Companies offering recurring services, maintenance contracts and flexible pricing models usually have a lot to do with this. The creation of quotes and recurring billing is time-consuming and often done manually using different systems that are difficult to synchronize. In addition to the high effort, sources of errors disrupt the workflow and relevant information is difficult to evaluate.

Easy Subscription & Billing Management

DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing ensures a smooth transition from quote to recurring billing. The extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central effectively handles the steps from quotation to monthly billing for both purchasing and sales. With DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing you can even offer and bill IOT as a service and accelerate your business success. 


Standard service portfolio

Create your own standard item and service portfolio. The use of a standard portfolio saves time in selling and invoicing.

Mixed billing period quotes

The split of the total into one time and recurring billing ensures the correct quotes, with multiple billing periods.

Integration of sales and recurring billing

A recurring service can be offered in a quote and easily make it into the recurring billing.

Product bundle

Insert all components in the sales lines and bundle them together. The bundle has its own quantity, price and discount.

Recurring billing

The feature is used to create a preview of the current recurring billing. Information can be aggregated on contract or customer/vendor level.

Billing template

The billing template guarantees simplicity and completeness. Use the template to invoice all services in the current period.

Automatic notice period calculation

Notice periods are calculated automatically. It allows to determine whether a cancellation is on time.

Invoice preview

Allows for printing a preview of an invoice before posting it. This feature includes printing an invoice preview in the sales order.


Automated posting of deferrals to balance sheet accounts and correct periodization of revenue and expenses to profit & loss account.

Use Case

Full control in the role center

Something has been sold but nobody notified you and it ain't being invoiced. This is a thing of the past! Identify current and previous revenue and cost easily. Additionally, you can see any service commitment, invoice or credit memo in need of your attention.

Use Case

One sales quote for everything

Sending two sales quotes is simply ridiculous. Our app enables you to sell plans, subscriptions and service commitments as well as items with services like software and hardware maintainance in one single sales quote. Selling bundles and hiding the components is no longer a dream.

Use Case

Print like a pro

The printed sales quote depicts the bundle and the recurring services nicely. The bundle is printed while the components are not. Each service is printed in a separate line below the item.

Use Case

The total split

A single total doesn't make any sense if you offer one-time items and recurring services in a single sales quote. Using our app, the total is divided into one-time and recurring billing amounts. If you choose to bill in different rhythms, all of them will be listed with their respected amounts.

Use case

One page to invoice them all

Recurring Billing is one of the key features. The page gives you a preview of the contracts and services, which you are about to invoice. The Billing Template is the most powerful tool in the page. Create a template for any special case and suddenly, the special cases aren’t special anymore.

Use Case

Neat presentation of the invoice

The printed invoice needs to be tidy and clear. Did you organise services in different contracts but want to invoice them together? Easy! All order items are grouped by their contracts and display their billing period. The invoice is easy to read and includes the references your customer needs.

Use Case

Minimize inquiries about invoices

Your customer wants to know what he is paying for. Simply choose the option to print the detailed list of invoiced services und you present all the information anybody could ask for. The list includes the billing period, duration, daily prices, amounts and the originally sold item with services.

What customers are saying about DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing

Invoicing IOT as a Service with DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing

With the DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing app, we can bill IOT as a service. Thus, we have a modern monetization platform that can handle complex requirements.


Sebastian Irle

Head of Digital Enablement & Customer Operations, grandcentrix


This app is provided as a monthly paid software-as-a-service app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The monthly fee consists of a fixed base price and an additional usage based price.  

For the purpose of testing, we offer an unrestricted and free of charge trial for a period of 30 days.

 Base price per month

 EUR 200,-

 Additional usage based price per month

 0,1% of DYCE S&RB invoiced amounts* in EUR


* DYCE S&RB invoiced amounts = sum of invoiced amounts (EUR) generated with DYCE S&RB reduced by the sum of credit memo amounts (EUR) generated with DYCE S&RB.

All prices are recommended customer prices in EUR plus applicable VAT. The notice period is 1 month.


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