Add a personal touch to your customer documents!

This app solves one of the fundamental challenges that have always existed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Finally, you can personalise quotes, orders, invoices, etc. - with formattable long texts. With DYCE Happy Texts, you now have the ability to tailor your letters (e.g., in quotes and orders) to each individual customer by using your own pre- and post-texts. In addition, you can add more detailed product descriptions and images to the document lines. 

Use templates and automations!

With this Business Central extension, you can not only add a personalised welcome and closing message to your quote or order, but (starting from October 2023) you can also use templates to automatically add pre- and post-texts, such as quote/order conditions or general terms and conditions, in different languages. With more appealing and informative documents, you will strengthen customer loyalty and save resources. 


Benefits & features

Texts without length restrictions

Write individual offers, highlight special details, refer to conversations held... The text modules are not limited in length.

Personal greetings and goodbyes

Strengthen your relationship with your customers by making sales documents more personalized and engaging.

Various formatting options

Use an editor to format text according to your needs. Use different colors, fonts and sizes, tables or bulleted lists to make your letter stand out.

include images

In addition to more detailed text, add images of your products to visualize the offer or highlight details.

Use templates (coming October 2023)

Choose from a variety of texts and create your own standards to save time. If you don't want to manually add to a quote or order, use the setting that automatically inserts salutations or order terms.

Extension of master data with multilingual long texts (coming 10/2023)

Item or resource lines can also be linked with language-dependent long texts. All texts are automatically transferred to delivery notes or invoices.



Try DYCE Happy Texts for free for 30 days!

The notice period for canceling your subscription is 1 month.

Monthly fee: 

1. Base fee         € 0.00 
2. User fee      € 2.50 / User

Special deal: Up to five users are free of charge. From the sixth user onwards, we will charge for all users. 

All prices are recommended net customer prices in EUR without applicable local VAT.

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