Perfectly fitted to the needs of IT companies

Particularly in the IT sector, there are many requirements to be considered for order-related purchases, supplier configurations, special conditions and payment plans. This toolkit app primarily benefits managed service providers and system houses, whose processes are optimally mapped in the various extensions.  
The following apps are included in the scope of delivery: DYCE Cockpit,DYCE Record History & Favorites, DYCE Happy Texts, DYCE Document Tracker, DYCE Easy Bundle Seller, DYCE Smart Workflow Tool.

Work more efficiently and customer-centred – thanks to DYCE

The DYCE IT-Business Toolkit app significantly extends the Business Central standard. For example, it allows you to create a purchase order from a sales quote, which is then also linked to the order. The ordered item is automatically reserved. You also have the option of conveniently importing different manufacturer configurations into your offer as well as creating individual payment plans for your customers if required.


Benefits & features

Order related purchase order 

A "Special Bid" number can be entered per quotation or order line, which signals to the supplier that there is a special agreement for this item. With DYCE IT-Business Toolkit, this number is transferred to the purchasing department and an automatic reservation of the item is made. This function ensures the processing and allocation of project prices.

Payment plan

When you create a sales document, you can also create a payment plan or milestone invoice if required. You can specify whether the advance payment is to be calculated as an amount or percentage of the quotation/order budget or of individual items. One or more sales lines can be assigned to each planning level and different payment terms can be stored.

Import manufacturer configurations (coming soon) 

No more manual input and error-prone checking of additional information in the lines of a quotation. With the DYCE IT-Business Toolkit you have the possibility to import the individual configuration data of different distributors and manufacturers (FTS, HP, IBM...) from Excel tables. Items that are not yet in the system are automatically created during the import, and article descriptions etc. are transferred to the master record or quotation line.

Margin calculation (coming soon) 

For easy calculation of the sales price, any markup or trade margin can be used. In this way, the sales price is simply the purchase price plus the desired margin.

All tasks at a glance

In DYCE Cockpit you can see all open tasks and to-dos assigned to you at a glance. This ensures that you never miss a task or deadline. Certain thresholds can be linked to colours so that you are also visually informed, e.g. about high priority tasks.

Find favourites with one click

Save your favourite records as favourites and find the records you were working on with just one click. Save time with a clear view of all your records in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central role hub!

Individualise your customer documents

With DYCE Happy Texts you can personalise your quotations, contracts, etc. – with formatable long texts and images that you can insert. Templates and automations make your work easier and your customers happier!

Create bundles

Combine multiple products or services and choose which information the customer receives and which is for internal use only. You can also display subtotals and use custom formatting to highlight individual items. 

List all documents related to a transaction

No more long searches: See at a glance which transactions, e.g. deliveries, sales quotes, etc., are linked to a current order.

Easy workflow tracking

The DYCE Smart Workflow Tool offers you the possibility to log and control every process step. This allows you to see the current processing status of a document at a glance. Filtered searches for specific processes are also child's play with this tool.



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The notice period for canceling your subscription is 1 month.


Monthly fee: 

1. Base fee         € 99.00 
2. User fee      € 9.00 / User


All prices are recommended net customer prices in EUR without applicable local VAT.

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