Easy import and billing of usage data

DYCE Usage Based Billing provides end-to-end automation in importing usage data into the ERP system and processing data through to regular billing. For example, the mass of monthly usage data generated by cloud-based services is converted into individual invoices in just a few steps.


Smart, flexible solution for pay-per-use

DYCE Usage Based Billing complements the functionality of DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing (for billing charges such as basic monthly fees) by importing and processing usage data, which in turn forms the basis for billing. The app offers a highly flexible solution for pay-per-use in subscription contracts. 


Import of usage data from different providers

Import via reconciliation files or web services

Usage data import and processing for Microsoft NCE and CSP Tier 2 partners

Daily billing with quantity changes and partial periods

Overview of services to be billed as billing suggestion with details

Details accompanying contract invoice

Smart automated process

Easy import and billing of usage data

Usage data can be imported from different providers via reconciliation files or via web services. When the usage data is processed, the prices are calculated. Invoices are then created via the contracts that include these services. Usage data is transformed into separate invoices in just a few steps. A detailed overview shows all positions one by one, if required.



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The notice period for canceling your subscription is 1 month. 

The pricing below is valid for the DYCE Usage Based Billing module. DYCE Usage Based Billing is an extension for DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing. Learn more about the pricing for the app here


Monthly fee: 

Base fee                                                              €99.00

All prices are recommended customer prices in EUR plus applicable VAT.

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